Multi-Vendor Marketplace

With Multi-Vendor, an extended CS-Cart software, you can create a marketplace for multiple vendors, where each of them can sell and manage their product through one common web store.

Price: 7550 (lifetime)

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Multi-Vendor is the best solution for multiple vendors to sell and manage products in virtual shopping malls with many separate departments, all in a single common storefront.


Multiple Vendors, Single Storefront

The catalog on your website will show to your visitors all the products in one single web store even if the products are supplied by hundreds of vendors from all over the world.

Unlimited Number of Vendor Accounts

Two or three hundred vendors? It doesn't matter how many, you can add as many vendors as you want on your website, there is no limit in expanding your business.

Products from Multiple Vendors in One Order

It doesn’t matter if your customers chose to buy from several vendors, they will have one shopping cart, they will place one order and make one single payment. For tracking purposes only, a order like this one will be split so that each vendor will have a separate tracking number.

Separate Admin Area for Each Vendor

For a easy and convenient way of managing the products and settings each vendor has a separate admin panel. The vendors will not interfere with each other's activity.

Common Payment Processing

The money from a order goes to the merchant account of the root store and then this one will distribute manually the funds to the vendors according with the history of orders. The history of orders is managed separately for each provider.

Root Administrator to Control the Store

The root administrator can control and change the store settings and can control the products sold by all the vendors. The rood administrator can moderate products added by the vendors and can control what it is added to the product catalog.

Vendor Payouts Recording

CS-Cart help you with the bookkeeping by tracking any amount that was paid to each of your vendors.

Vendor-specific Shipping Methods

Buyers with purchases from different vendors can select from the different shipping options of each vendors at the time of check out. The vendors can configure their own shipping methods.